HR Outsourcing & Consulting

Below are the three ways clients typically engage with us for HR Outsourcing and Consulting Services. Most of our HR Outsourcing clients have between 10 and 150 employees. However, we provide support for HR Projects and Interim HR for all size organizations. Our HR programs have been well received by small businesses, not-for-profit organizations and government contractors.

HR Outsourcing – provides for ongoing HR management where a client is partnered with a Smart HR Consultant to manage their HR function.

HR Projects – provides HR support for a specific project such as an HR Audit, management training program, employee survey or market compensation analysis.

Interim HR Support – a Smart HR Consultant would serve as a client’s HR Director for an interim period. This is could be helpful to organizations whose HR Director or Manager is out on maternity leave or while the organization is conducting a search for a full-time HR hire.

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