Our Value

Smart HR provides organizations with high-end HR management and expertise that generally costs 50% less than maintaining an in-house HR department.

Our clients benefit from more HR breadth and experience as compared to an in-house HR manager or director.

Smart HR clients gain from our HR industry insight from the work we do with over 80 organizations in the DC metro area. This enables us to provide a unique perspective to your employees and management team. We are able to identify best practices that we see working at other organizations and apply them to your organization. Also, we are able to provide meaningful benchmarks in regards to how your compensation, benefits, paid time off and other employment practices compare with other organizations in the area.

Each client is paired with a Smart HR Consultant who serves as their HR Director and is a resource to both management and staff. The Smart HR Consultant will be onsite at the client location each week to work with staff and management. In addition, Smart HR has a team of professionals with specific expertise in HR disciplines such as: compensation analysis, benefits management, HR strategy, employee relations and development, onboarding, performance management, corporate culture and compliance.

Smart HR is an investment in your organization and your staff that will enhance the internal and external image of your organization.

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