Our People

Our Consultants’ commitment to our clients is what has made Smart HR a great company.


Smart HR Consultants are dedicated and focused, each Consultant only works with a few clients so they are able to commit significant mind share to each client. Our Consultants are an active and visible part of our clients’ management teams. We have been able to attract and retain top HR talent by offering flexible work arrangements to our Consultants.

Our Consultants generally have 15+ years of HR management experience and they are certified HR Professionals. They either hold a Professional of Human Resources (PHR) or Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) Certification from the Society Human Resource Management and / or they have an advanced degree in Human Resources Management.

Smart HR Consultants are highly screened to ensure they fit the Smart HR model. Less than 2% of the HR professionals that interview are hired to be Smart HR Consultants. Learn more about what it takes to be a Smart HR Consultant.

We value consultant consistency and believe it is a key success factor for us in delivering results to our clients. Smart HR Consultants are a constant, our turnover rate is very low – annually over 97% of our clients remain with the same Smart HR Consultant. Our Consultants join Smart HR and stay with us for the long haul. This sets us apart from other HR consulting firms.

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